Re-Starting An Envirolet System

If you are re-starting a new system for the first time, an older system for the first time in a long period of time or a used system you should follow the directions in our instructions here.

It is also highly recommended to make sure you have on-hand (or purchase) the following items:
  1. Starter Mix Kit - This starts the system up. Used in new system set-up, seasonally or any time the system is emptied. A Starter Kit online comes with a paper mat.
  2. Daily Mix - Maintains the composting process. It is added to the system daily (or every few days, depending on use).
  3. Compost Accelerator - Speeds up the composting process.  Added every two weeks.
  4. Compost Power - Speeds up composting, controls odor and cleans the toilet bowl. Not mandatory, but highly effective and recommended.
You can find these items online:
Older and Used Systems
If you are starting an older or used system be sure to check the electrical components to see if they are functioning.

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