Drain Pit Instructions

These are instructions for the creation of a typical drain pit. Check local regulations.

• Dig a drain pit approximately 1’/0.3m to 3’/1m in depth and 1’/0.3m to 3’/1m in diameter with 2’/0.6m or more of loose fill below (earth, sand and/or crushed rock).
• Fill the drain pit with lime stone gravel.
• Gravity feed a length of 1”/25mm PVC pipe to the center layer (1/3 depth) of the lime stone gravel.
• Now gravity feed the Drain Line provided with the toilet system and insert the end (about 6”/15cm) into the 1”/25mm (or more) wide PVC pipe.
• Cover the top of the lime stone pit with a plastic cover and 2”/50mm of earth.
• For rain protection, create a 6”/15cm mound (compacted earth and/or grass) to allow for rain run off.
• Make sure you install the drain pit approximately 50’/15m or more away from any water source, 60’/18m or more away from any drinking or other water source or well and away from any high water table. Please check local regulations.

Similar drain pits are commonly referred to as leaching pits, cesspools, dry wells, gray (or grey) water fields (for sink/shower waste water), filter beds or French drains depending on your location.

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