Outside Odour

PROBLEM: Outside Odour
Noticeable odour outside (near or around vent or roof).


Poor evaporation

Poor evaporation could be occurring due to a liquid build-up issue. Refer to liquid buildup section.

Overhanging trees
Overhanging trees may affect vent exit air flow. Trim or cut away overhanging trees.

High peak roof causing poor evaporation
A high roof peak may be inhibiting air flow (wind) to the top of the vent. Raise vent higher.

Low Vent Stack
The top of your vent stack may be too low (i.e., close proximity to sitting area). Raise vent higher.

Suggested Remedy
You may also want to try, in combination with above remedies, using EnviroletĀ® Compost Power on a daily basis.

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